TBM 1.1-20-115V


Part Name: TBM 1.1-20-115V
Manufacturer: Bosch Rexroth Indramat
Part Series: TBM Bleeder Module
Series: 1
Version: 1
Bleeder Peak Power: 20 kW
Cooling Mode: Factory Assigned
Nominal Voltage for Heatsink Blower: 115 VAC

Product Description


TBM 1.1-20-115V by Rexroth, Indramat, Bosch in the TBM Series. When drives are running in generator mode, the regenerated energy is absorbed by the bleeder resistor. This TBM 1.1-20-115V offers a Bleeder Peak Power of 20 kW and a Cooling Mode of Factory Assigned, along with a Nominal Voltage for Heatsink Blower of 115 VAC.


Supply Modules for AC Drives Manual

Some common misspellings of TBM 1.1-20-115V are as follows:



TBM 1.1-2O/115V

TBM 1.1-020/115V

TBM 1-1-20/115V