Part Name: RD51.1-4B-007-L-CF-FW
Manufacturer: Bosch Rexroth Indramat
Part Series: RD51 Drive Control Devices
Line: U/f curve control
Design: 1
Unit Type / Nominal Connecting Voltage: Converter 3 x AC 380 to 480 V, + or – 10 %
Brake Chopper for Converter: With Built-in Brake Chopper
Rated Power Data (kW): 7 kW
Cooling Mode: Forced Air Cooling (>= 110 kW)
Additional Functions: Connection for RZC01.1-XN and 24 V stand-by power, external (<= 110 kW) / Feedback of Cable Damping (C3, D3)
Firmware: Factory Assigned

Product Description


RD51.1-4B-007-L-CF-FW by Rexroth, Indramat, Bosch is a Frequency Controller in the RD51 Series. The RD51.1-4B-007-L-CF-FW features a Converter 3 x AC 380 to 480 V, + or – 10 % Unit Type / Nominal Connecting Voltage and comes With Built-in Brake Chopper. This Controller has a Forced Air Cooling (>= 110 kW) mode and comes with a 7 kW Rated Power Data (kW).


RD51 Application Manual

Some common misspellings of RD51.1-4B-007-L-CF-FW are as follows:


RD 51.1-4B-007-L-CF-FW


RD51.1 4B 007 L CF FW