KVR 1.2-30-3


Part Name: KVR 1.2-30-3
Manufacturer: Bosch Rexroth Indramat
Part Series: KVR Supply Modules
Series: 1
Version: 2
Rated Power: 30 kW
Link Circuit Voltage: 320 V
Max Regeneration Energy w/ Power Off: 100 kWs
Input Voltage: 380 to 460 V

Product Description


This KVR features a 30/20 continuous link circuit power, a 170 W power dissipation control, and a 31kg weight. KVR’s commonly have a 500 VA power consumtion rate at maximum load. Control voltage inputs vary, but most are no higher than 24 V DC or lower than 15 V DC. This drive should not be stored at tmeperatures higher than 85 degrees Celsius or -30 degrees Celsius.


KVR Application Manual

Some common misspellings of KVR 1.2-30-3 are as follows:



KVR 1.2-3O-3

KVR 1.2 30 3

KVR I.2-30-3